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Work life balance


A working life balanced with creative expression

Using our unique perspective to capture evocative motion pictures to tell a story.

We are always excited to explore new potential, and work collaboratively.


We are all about exploring ideas. Even if all you have at the moment is a concept we can bring the expertise that will make the next step a reality

“Simon's films invite the viewer to participate in a voyage of self-reflection and exploration. Each film synthesises image, sound and narrative, to reconnoitre conscious symbols and unconscious cryptograms, creating bespoke alchemical landscapes that offer solace and space for contemplation and reverie.

They can be experienced on many levels, providing the viewer with different depths of engagement, depending on what is sought, craved or required.

Although deeply personal, the films are akin to a collective dreaming process, where the subject matter and a creative handling of the medium enables the viewer to have their own unique relationship with the material, epitomising the art of storytelling, while offering multiple unique experiences to unfold and coalesce.

They are compelling and spellbinding psychological adventures, which whether watched once or multiple times, leave an indelible imprint on the psyche."

Sarah Hall is a professional artist, former lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, and art therapist in private practice in Cornwall


Simon Downing

Bluco Projects

07901 931628

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